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Wisdom & Grace

Nature and Travel

I believe that we each have access to the divine, once we tap into this we are filled with all of the wisdom of the universe. If you watch closely nature is always teaching us, slow down, root, reach, rise, flow. Bringing nature to the mat, we flow with the animals and the rivers; we become as expansive as the sky. Experience the oneness that exists.
Slow down with me, we can learn to be one, together.


Phases: New Moon


The sky is dark, the cycle restarts. This is a time to go in and reflect; how was the last month? What do you wish to manifest into this coming cycle? Smooth, easy going flow meant to bring us into ourselves and to clearly set our intentions. Followed by a new moon ceremony. Leave feeling inspired, creative, and ready to flow into a life of abundant joy and love.


Phases: Waxing Gibbous


The light grows, as does your strength and determination. As the moon waxes we are filled with a forward wind of energy. A flow that will light a fire in your belly, bubbling up the yummy creative juices of the action that is nesesary to achieve your dreams. This is a great time to meet people, to reach out and express yourself. Class will be followed by lively group discussion.


Phases: Full Moon


Tonight the moon burns bright, this is a time to fully express your hearts. How have you walked in your light this cycle? What no longer serves you that you are ready to release? Allow the glow of mother Moon to shine into your being and cleanse away any fear, doubt, jealousy, or envy... A flowy heart centered expression of love and healing. Followed by a full moon drum circle, come let go.


Phases: Waning Gibbous


The moon begins to return to darkness, you have been walking in your light for weeks now. Look back at the last month, and feel the illumination of your own aura. Feel your fertile mind, be inspired by your actions, flow forward with confidence and grace. A grounding, powerful flow focused in the hips, working to release your creative energies and let go of what no longer serves you.

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