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Back to Basics

You come to the end of the chapter, do you set down the book and ponder the words dancing in your head, or do you continue to read on? Are you eager to finish this book, and start the next one? That is how I feel, eager... What a year it has been, what a book, I sit today wondering the title for this section of life.

School has just ended, I will be a licensed massage therapist in no time and have the honor to work with others towards their healing of mind and body. Being so busy, little things that mean the world to me have collected dust. The time has arrived for the shelves to be dusted, for the rugs to be shaken out. Having my mind back to myself is a feeling that cannot be explained with mere words. A softer face, lighter shoulders, deeper breaths, it is time to get back to basics.

The new year draws closer with each setting sun, I feel the days growing shorter as we near the winter solstice. The energy of this time period is hopeful and pleasant, it is like a wind helping push you along on your journey. What have you accomplished this year? What was left for you to work on? How is your body and mind feeling? One more year for the books, what a wild ride...

What does it mean to get back to basics? Are the basics those morning rituals that make me feel whole and energetic? What about the late nights, reading a book eating a buffet of snacks? The basics are the things that feed your soul, that nourish your inner flame. Anything and everything that bring you closer and closer to the you that you want to always be. It is time again to make promises to ourselves about how we want to direct our lives moving forward. Every morning is a new start, a new chance to be exactly who you want to be, own it, live it, love your life.


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